The Starcraft game is one of the most amazing product in this pass 10 years.

It just got to be  one of the most fun game for this entire gender .

Especially in  Korea , lots of pro player are sacrifice their young to play the game.

Also show us some really good game here.

The terran King Boxer is one of my all time favorite human player.

He just got so many ideas going on at the same time. and he really use good strategy.

is feels like he is the modern 孫子 in the starcraft games

最重要的是 Boxer 又回歸到了 SC 的戰場裡面來

他的回歸 實在不能說不讓人 excited



但在創意以及變通之道上面 就遠遠的不及 人類帝王 Boxer

以下就放些絕佳精彩的 戰鬥實錄 給大家欣賞

1. Boxer 大補帖

2.超技微控 科學船



5. 最經典的SCV RUSH 必看!!

另外當然還有許多有名的戰役 有興趣的人可以自行在去尋找了~


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