Last night ...


is really happened !!

I can't believe we really do a Jazz Trio in a Classical school

My friend tells me it totally blows out everyone's mind.

I feels proud  to let people enjoy the music  and begins to like it

Jazz is not the main stream music like pop or rock music

it only gets few and few people to listen it

even classical music still have much more audience want to see it and learn it

The only way we can do  is to play well

To make people understand it is an "ART"

such a perfect art form from the god .. to create your own sounds within the rule

just like life we are limited in a certine area , but we are free at the same time

thanks to all my friend who come here to see something they might never see before

I am glad I did it ... for you and me to learn the True Art form "JAZZ"



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