What a beauty beauty sound

Grigory Sokolov

Yesterday I was watching the youtube and was looking for rachmanivo 3rd piano concerto... I heard Lang Lang , Horowitz and few other peoples style

but all the suddenly I saw a name

Grigory Sokolov

Who IS THAT !! ?????
I wondered ...

Click Click

So I enter the clip and want to see is there have anything special in his hand.... after The first note he TOUCHED on the piano .. I knew , I knew I found it...

A great impression just entered to my head . it is so soft like silk , so colorful ///

I found out on wiki he studied on Leningrad Conservatory

He won the 1966 International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, at age 16 !!!!!!!
(what are you doing at 16 =.=)

I just can't desrbie his touch , it is truly amazing . not hitting at all  .

Don't read my word , just listen it
別看我的文字 ,自己用耳朵去聆聽

Enjoy it !!


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